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Better than Ever: 2018 Toyota Tundra Pickup Truck

The 2018 Toyota Tundra half-ton full-size pickup truck features dramatically bold elements of design, refinement, quality and craftsmanship. Each Tundra grade now embodies a specific theme through distinct designs that go beyond just badging. The all-new front design integrates the hood and grille for a chiseled and modern industrial image.

Offered in Double and CrewMax cab configurations, the Tundra is available in and SR, SR5, Limited, Platinum and the 1794 Edition...


When you think of Japanese cars, what's the first thing you think of?

That Toyota Corolla that just crossed 300,000 miles and shows no signs of stopping? Or maybe that Honda Civic that still has its original battery in it? Typically one thinks of smaller cars designed around efficiency and practicality.

Trucks are the precise opposite of that. Trucks are a pure, American invention, and in many minds more or less embody America as a whole. Big. Brash. Loud. Capable of getting a job done even if it's not the most efficient way of doing things. Trucks are some of the most American things one can imagine.

And then there's the Toyota Tundra.

It at first feels like a contradiction. A Japanese company making a truck that not only goes toe-to-toe with its American competitors, but in many cases outclasses and outperforms them? It feels impossible.

But then you hop inside and get behind the wheel. You turn the engine and you hear and even feel the rumble of that throaty, powerful 5.7L i-Force V8 and you realize that this kind of strength and performance are in no way exclusive to American inventors. And, like any truly great full-size truck worth its weight class, the Toyota Tundra comes with an available 4x4 driveline configuration for all those times that you find yourself off the beaten path.

Then again, the Toyota Tundra is made in San Antonio, Texas, a place that has no shortage of distinct American blood running through its veins so perhaps it's not so surprising that Toyota has delivered such a distinctly powerful and dominating pickup truck.
2017 Toyota Tundra for sale in Leesburg VA

Mileage: 67,444
Price: $32,000
Condition: Used
Leesburg, VA

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