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Being last and small doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re the most insignificant. Rhode Island was the last to be established out of the original 13 colonies and it’s also the smallest state in the Union in terms of overall area that it covers. But while there may be less than 1300 square miles in the entirety of the state, there’s still something about Rhode Island that feels unique to the state, even among its fellow Northeastern brethren. Whether you’re sailing out of the picturesque bays of Newport, or traveling through and soaking in the idyllic town vistas of places like Pawtucket, there’s really no other state that feels quite like Rhode Island.

What’s surprising, though, is just how much driving that Rhode Island residents do despite the absolutely tiny area that their state occupies. It may take a mere hour or so to drive through the entire state, but Rhode Islanders still manage to log an impressive 11,099 miles annually, driving in the 780,670 registered vehicles on the state’s roads. There are plenty of dealerships with cars for sale to keep drivers on the road, 365 to be precise, many of which contribute to the $1.83 billion in new car sales and help keep afloat the 12,446 auto industry jobs found in the state.

Rhode Island also has its share of automobile-related history. For instance, it was the first state to impose a jail sentence for speeding in an automobile by Judge Darius Baker in 1904, and Pelham Street in Newport was the first to use gas-illuminated street lamps.

Just be sure that when you’re driving around Rhode Island, you don’t have any beer in your vehicle (opened or otherwise). That’s against the law.

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