Cars for Sale in Mississippi

The United States of America is one of the most distinctive countries in the world, in part because of its diverse landscape and unmistakable atmosphere. It may lack some of the grandiose geography found elsewhere even within The South, but there's absolutely no mistaking it when you find yourself traveling through the country's Gulf Coast within a state like Mississippi. There's just something about the way the towns and cities are spaced out, the way the magnificent oak, cypress and pine trees line the roads, the way the hanging moss adds an unmistakably moody sense of place as you wind your way across the state.

And if you're looking for a the best way to drive across the state, there are plenty of dealers with cars for sale that would be more than willing to help you find the best vehicle to do so. Or to be more precise, 1,330 dealers, many of whom help to generate the $4.39 billion in new car sales, adding to the 2 million registered vehicles that are on the road currently across the state. Motorists in Mississippi certainly do their part to help keep alive the 65,377 auto industry jobs found in the area as the average driver logs about 20,636 miles a year.

There's plenty of driving to do in the state, particularly if you want to travel Mississippi's iconic Great River Road. This stretch of road that takes you through scenic Mississippi along the Mississippi River (the nation's longest waterway) was created in 1938 and runs through 110 counties and parishes.

Just be sure that when visiting Oxford you don't drive around the town square 100 times or more. That's against the law.

Top Listings in Mississippi

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