Cars for Sale in Missouri

Missouri is right at the center of things in the United States of America. No, literally. It's basically right at the dead center of the country. The state is situated within a day's drive of 50 percent of the population of the US, resulting in a massive 65,000 visitors daily for places like Branson and the Tri-Lakes area. Branson in particular has become a 'rubber tire destination,' meaning that the vast majority of its visitors arrive by automobile, RV or tour bus. Branson has also become one of the top motor coach destinations in America with an estimated 4,000 buses arriving in the city each year.

Of course, Missourians do plenty of their own driving each year. Statistics indicate that there are some 5.2 million registered vehicles found throughout the state, as drivers log an average of 16,800 miles each year. Missouri drivers are also seemingly always looking for cars for sale, as there are nearly 3,000 dealerships found throughout the state, many of which help generate $12.15 billion in new car sales and help maintain 193,760 auto industry jobs.

One in-state destination for so many drivers is Nixa, a small town whose population swells to about 15,000 once a year as schools close and everyone comes to feast on a bottom-dwelling fish known as Suckers. It's a bit of an odd thing, since the general consensus is that the fish isn't all that good to eat.

But no matter where you drive in Missouri, just make sure you don't honk the horn of another person's car. That's against the law.

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