Cars for Sale in Maine

Three things immediately come to mind when one brings up the state of Maine: Lobster, of course. Stephen King. Kennebunkport. That first thing, well, it's obvious isn't it? Maine is kind of the unofficial epicenter of America's love for lobster. Sure you can get lobster all up and down the Eastern seaboard, but it's Maine that has become the de facto location for getting fresh, succulent lobster. Go figure, right? And the Stephen King part? Well, that's because the iconic horror author is a Maine native and he's shown a recurring penchant for setting many of his stories within and around the state.

It's not without its odd little points and idiosyncrasies, of course. Did you know that it's the only state in the union that shares its border with only one other state? It's also where 90 percent of the country's toothpick supply comes from. A vital industry, to be sure.

Maine-ians (Is that a word? We're making it a word now also drive quite a bit despite the relatively small area their state comprises. The average Maine-ian logs an average of about 14,000 miles annually with about 1 million registered vehicles on the road. There are 600 dealerships with cars for sale, generating nearly 3 billion in new car sales and 18,482 auto industry jobs. There's a decent amount of driving to be done, though, as the state covers 33,215 square miles, roughly the same area as five other New England states combined.

Just be sure that when you're in South Berwick, you don't park your car in front of the Dunkin Donuts. That's against the law.

Top Listings in Maine

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