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Not Your Mother’s Small Car: 2015 Ford Fiesta sedan

Updated last year, the Ford Fiesta has burst onto the scene with an impressive lineup of powertrain options anchored by the award-winning 1.0L three-cylinder EcoBoost® engine that delivers a thrill-packed ride plus great gas mileage.Equipped with a dazzling array of features and technologies that proves small is smart, personalization features and hot new color combinations make the 2014 Ford Fiesta a car that not only revels in the spotlight, but demands it.


There is a certain stigma that comes with buying and driving in a compact economy car.

Let's face it. We all want to ride around in luxury. No one wants to be cramped and crammed into a tiny little car that looks and drives like it should be powered by winding up a key on its roof. But for a very large number of Americans, a compact economy car is the only thing that they can reasonably afford to buy, much less to maintain and keep on the road.

The problem with this isn't so much that many American drivers choose or even have to drive compact economy cars. No, the problem is that far too many car manufacturers are content to churn out cheap, ugly, uncomfortable vehicles to be sold to this particular market of driver.

Thankfully, Ford understands that you shouldn't have to hate the car you drive, especially if you're on a budget. They've put that knowledge and empathy front and center as they release the latest iteration of the Ford Fiesta.

The latest version of this compact yet sporty-looking car comes equipped with a hearty 1.6L four-cylinder engine that provides a respectable amount of get-up-and-go while also treating your wallet with kid gloves when it comes time to fill up at the pump.

Need room to move and groove? Well, it's no Cadillac in terms of space, but there's plenty of leg room for drivers who are on the taller side of things. And it's got enough room in the boot (that's the British term for "trunk area") to tote around some luggage or whatever else you need transported (within reason, of course).

And it's pretty nice to look at, too! No one will mistake this for some kind of Italian sports car, but the Ford Fiesta has curves in all the right places giving it a nice, rounded look to it.
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