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Sophisticated Utility: 2018 Ford Edge Crossover

The 2018 Ford Edge is a sophisticated crossover utility vehicle that is loaded with technology, a high level of craftsmanship and above average vehicle dynamics. With a car-based design, Edge delivers better on-road comfort, fuel efficiency and overall driving dynamics than any truck-based SUV. Last updated in 2015, the Edge is based on the same global platform as the Ford Fusion sedan.

What’s new for 2018 is the SEL Sport Appearance...


There's something to be said about being the first.

Oh sure, it's not always the first who is the best. Sometimes it's the ones that innovate in the face of originality that end up coming out on top. But sometimes, when you're the first you still manage top your competitors.

This is especially true in the case of the Ford Edge. By now the market is absolutely flooded with crossover SUVs. Any car manufacturer that's worth its salt has its own variation of this hot new style of passenger vehicle. Consumers seemed to grasp onto crossovers with wild abandon, much in the same way they did with the advent of the minivan decades ago. "Don't want to give up the utility and versatility of a true blue SUV but also want something that drives more like a car? Get a crossover!" It's not hard to see why crossovers are so popular.

And through that prism, it's no wonder the Ford Edge remains the leader of that particular pack. There's no other crossover that's as reliable, as sturdy as this one. Most vehicles could only wish that they were built Ford Tough. The Ford Edge gets to wear that badge of pride every time one rolls off the assembly line.

So what is it that makes the Ford Edge such a leader within this subset of American cars?

The Ford Edge has been reimagined with a stronger, more athletic shape. It has been retooled to meet higher expectations for quality, and reengineered to add more features and technologies for a more rewarding driving experience.

In other words, it's been refined and retooled and reshaped in ways that only Ford Motor Company knows how to craft a vehicle. So get behind the wheel of a Ford Edge and drive with the leader of the pack.
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