Egging Not a Harmless Prank

Hopefully your Halloween was a night of spooky fun, lots of candy and a great time with family and friends. However, if you ended up on the receiving end of tricks instead of treats, odds are you are still pulling toilet paper from tree branches or cleaning egg off your front door.

Egging is a nasty prank, and it’s not harmless, especially if your car is the target. Perhaps you’ve heard that eggs may cause permanent damage to your car’s finish, and this is true, unfortunately. If you don’t clean it off the paint very quickly, your car might need a completely new paint job.

It turns out that not only can the sharp shell gouge the clear coat, it can go deep enough to scratch into the base coat. That’s not even the worst of it. The yolk is acidic enough to eat through the clear coat and damage and/or stain the base coat.

This means that if your car was egged, you need to wash it off quickly; get the egg off the paint as soon as you possibly can. The yolk causes more damage the longer it is in contact with the paint, so the best thing is to wash it off before it dries. Egg white is used in water-proof glue; when it’s dry, it won’t come off without a great deal of effort.

To begin cleaning, gently remove all the bits of shell first, so you don’t inadvertently grind them deeper into the paint while you’re cleaning up the rest of the mess.

If it has dried already, the pros suggest spraying the dried egg white with white vinegar, using Automotive Goo Gone, or trying detailing spray or automotive clay. If you are able to remove the egg before too much stain or damage occurred, some scratches can be fixed with wet sandpaper and polish. Sanding too much just makes it worse, so it might be a good idea to go to an autobody shop for some help.

If the egg wasn’t found in time, it may require stripping down to the metal.

The cost of this “harmless” prank? Repainting individual panels that were damaged can cost $500 to $1000. If the entire car needs repainting, the range is approximately $5,000 to $15,000.

There is a high cost for pranksters, as well. Egging can mean months to years of jail time, depending on the cost to repair the damage.

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