What To Do When You Have a Flat Tire: Roadside Tire Repair

So, you have a flat tire, you are stranded on the road somewhere and you don’t feel like changing the tire yourself. Below are some steps that you can use that include who to call for roadside tire repair questions, finding the nearest tow truck shop, finding the nearest auto shop or gas station, general prices so you don’t get swindled, handy apps for tow truck and repairs along with what to store in your car for next time.

What to do about a flat tire when you don’t feel like changing it yourself.

1. Pull Off The Road

Pull off the road and get as far away from traffic as possible. Turn on your hazard lights and pop your trunk, as this is the universal “help” sign.

2. Safety First

If it is safe to do so, carefully exit your vehicle and get a safe distance away from your vehicle. This is for your own safety, in case another vehicle runs into your car while you are stopped. Contact a friend or family member and let them know where you are and your situation.

3. Call Your Insurance Company

Check to see if your insurance has a roadside assistance program. if they do, wait patiently for help to arrive. If not, continue to Step 4.

4. Find The Nearest Tow Shop

If insurance does not cover a tow, you will need to find one on your own. Using your phone, dial 411 or search the Internet with your smartphone for the nearest towing companies. When searching online, use phrases like: “Closest Towing Company” to pull up the best results. Be sure to include your location to decrease search time.

**THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT: If you would like to download an app for more help, proceed to Step 9.

5. Find The Nearest Auto Shops or Gas Stations

Using your phone, dial 411 or search the Internet for the nearest auto shops or gas stations. Search phrases like :”Flat Tire Repair” or “Nearest Body Shop”. Be sure to include your location to decrease search time.

**THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT: If you would like to download an app for more help, proceed to Step 9.

6. Be An Informed Driver

When it comes to roadside assistance, don’t let the fees catch you off guard. Generally, a typical tow of five miles or less = $35-$125; a 40-mile tow = $125-$275; a 100-mile tow = $275-$600. Having a vehicle towed hundreds of miles could cost $1,000 or more.

7. Call Around

Call shops closest to you to receive price quotes and availability.

8. Approximate Repair Pricing

Make sure you aren’t overpaying. The cost of the fix depends on the type of damage and size of the hole.

If the tire damage is in the tread, and small (from a screw or nail), the cost should be around $20 ($30 or a little more if you have a valve stem sensor in tire). Anything larger than the damage of a nail or screw you will probably need a new tire. That cost depends on tire size and manufacturer.

9.  Handy Tow Truck & Repair Apps

  1. Roadside2Go (Free) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nmc.Roadside2Go&hl=en
  2. AAA Mobile (Free) https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/aaa-mobile/id310730297?mt=8
  3. Repair Pal (Free) http://repairpal.com/mobile
  4. Good Hands Roadside Assistance (Free) https://www.allstate.com/auto-insurance/auto-roadside-services.aspx
  5. AARP Assistance (Free) https://www.aarproadside.com/aarp/forwardTo.do?pageName=aarp_mobile_app
  6. Honk (Free) http://www.honkforhelp.com/

10.  For Next Time

If you want to avoid the hassle of tow trucks you can invest in quick fix products and store them in the trunk. If the hole in the tire is small enough, you may be able to use products like: Fix a Flat or invest in a Roadside Assistance Kit, which will have an air pump, hazard cones, and other useful tools.

If your car is giving you more problems than just a flat tire, it is time for a new one. Search for one right now EveryCarListed.com.

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