Cars for Sale in Washington, District Of Columbia

Visiting the nation’s capital is a rite of passage for many Americans, making Washington DC one of the most recognizable cities in the country. There was initially great controversy when the District of Columbia, formed from land donated by Maryland and Virginia, was chosen as the national capital in 1790. But DC soon cemented itself as the political hub of the nation and has carried on that proud tradition ever since.

Washington DC is filled with iconic buildings and monuments. The White House, Washington Monument, Capitol Building and Smithsonian Museums are just a few of the universally-recognized landmarks of DC. But a host of obscure or recently constructed features are also important places to visit on any trip to Washington. The National World War II Memorial has become a popular attraction along the National Mall, while the National Museum of the American Indian gives visitors a comprehensive glimpse at the history and culture of the country’s original inhabitants.

More than 215 million trips are taken annually on the Washington Metro, DC’s extensive rapid transit system. The mighty Potomac separates Washington DC from its closest airport. Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is located in Arlington, Virginia, also home to the famous Arlington National Cemetery.

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