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In order to earn the right to be a vehicle worthy of driving on the United States' roads, a car must endure its manufacturer's proving grounds. Arizona is dozens of new cars earn their stripes as worthy vehicles as manufacturers such as GM, Chrysler, Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo all push their vehicles to the limit. This means it's very likely that a healthy portion of the 4,314,932 registered vehicles traveling along Arizona's roads were the result of testing done right here in the state. That's nothing to scoff at. By and large, Arizona's drivers are extremely active, logging an average of 16,224 miles per licensee. That many miles per driver means there's a huge demand for cars, which means that business should be pretty good for 1,676 car dealers registered in the state, resulting in a whopping $12.75 billion in annual new car sales. Of course, with numbers like that, it's no wonder that the market for jobs in the automobile industry is so robust with 67,449 total industry jobs found throughout the

It can be a true thrill to drive across an iconic bridge, which means that if you're in Arizona's Lake Havasu city, you can drive across one of the world's most iconic bridges. That's right, London Bridge (which originally stretched for 930 feet over the River Thames) was shipped brick-by-brick and reassembled in Lake Havasu in 1968. Of course, if you need something to truly make your jaw drop as you drive across Arizona, be sure to choose one of the dozens of scenic routes that pepper the state for some utterly breathtaking vistas whether it's the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert, Monument Valley or, of course, the Grand Canyon.

If nothing else, just be glad you don't have to ride a camel across Arizona to transport supplies like in the old days.

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