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Since many people know it as the "Pittsburgh of the South," it is oddly appropriate that Birmingham is named after one of England's major industrial hubs. In some respects, this is an accurate nickname for Alabama's capital city. Up until the 1960s, Birmingham was the industrial center of the South. It rose from its founding in 1871 to dominate the region in terms of the industrial and railroading industries. The economy has diversified since then to include more banking, telecommunications, and higher education companies, though coal mining still remains an important economic activity. The climate in Birmingham varies moderately, ranging from highs in the summer of 90 degrees to lows of 33 in the winter. It experiences over four feet of precipitation each year, virtually all of which comes from rain. The total sunshine experienced by Birmingham is less than 60% of its possible sunshine hours, coming out to a total of 2,600 average monthly sunshine hours.

Birmingham's population has been in a steady decline since the mid-1960s. Though it was once a town with more than 300,000 residents, that number has dropped to 212,237 according to the most recent census data. Economically, Birmingham is home to one Fortune 500 company, Regions. Though several other Fortune 500 companies used to be headquartered in Birmingham at one point, many of them moved out of state, to be replaced by up and coming companies like HealthSouth.

The lack of professional sports franchises in Birmingham might lead one to assume that Birmingham has a subpar sports scene, this could not be further from the truth. Birmingham is the headquarters of the SEC, home to the 2021 World Games, and home to the University of Alabama at Birmingham. As the cultural capital of Alabama, Birmingham also features multiple museums and music entourages throughout the city. These include the Birmingham Museum of Art, Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame, Alabama Ballet, and Alabama Symphony Orchestra.

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