Your Next Car – Mobility

Mobility In this quickly evolving arena of vehicle technology, you no doubt have heard the terms – autonomous, driverless, and

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The Unexpected Choice: Compact five-door hatchbacks

You are in the market for a new vehicle.  You need more than a regular four-door sedan, but you are

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Consider a New Sedan

In recent years, Americans have turned their interest to and opened their pocketbook for SUVs, crossovers and full-size pick-up trucks.

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Uneven Coverage: When Good May Not Be Good Enough

Much has been made in recent years about what is referred to as an offset-frontal crash.  It is estimated that

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Automotive Newsline

Audi Starts Talking to Traffic Lights In what is considered an industry first, Audi has launched a feature that will

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Tesla’s Autopilot: It’s NOT Autonomous Driving!

  No doubt in recent weeks you have heard about several Tesla models that have been in severe and/or fatal

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Has America’s Love Affair With the Family Car Gone Cold?

If the recent sales numbers are any indication, it seems that America’s love affair with the family car is in

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Your Teen’s First Car – Part II

Last time, I talked about what you should look for in a used vehicle for your new first time driver

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Your Teen’s First Car – Part I

Well it’s finally happened. Your teen has turned “that age” where they start bugging you for a car. They have

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More Than Junk: Automotive Scrapyards

With the life-to-scrap cycle of a motor vehicle averaging about 20 years, there comes a time when keeping the vehicle

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