Super-Duty Debut at Texas State Fair

Ford is definitely making good on its five-year plan to revamp every model in its lineup. Recently, company spokespersons said that Ford would be unveiling its newest big truck technology, and at the Texas State Fair in Dallas last week, visitors to the park were able to see just what Ford has been working on.

Ford gave fair-goers a good look at the new Super Duty truck series for 2011, featuring two new types of engines with gas and diesel versions that are high tech and biofuel compatible.

The diesel version of the new engine burns B20 blends of biodiesel. It was created and built by Ford and is a 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbocharged V-8. It also boasts the first use of compacted graphite iron in an engine block for a Super-Duty class vehicle in the U.S. Ford says the graphite iron composite is lighter, more durable and stronger the than cast iron typically employed in engine production.

If you know your engines, the new Super-Duty engine might look “backwards” to you, because the inboard exhaust and outboard intake are reversed. Doing this allowed Ford engineers to cut exhaust volume and improve throttle response. The design also greatly reduces heat transfer, noise, vibrations and harshness (NVH).

The turbocharger, fuel system and exhaust gas recirculation system have also been completely reengineered to include loads of high tech features that allow maximum power while also making sure the trucks meet all standards of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The gas version of the Super Duty engine is a 6.2 liter V-8 with a single overhead camshaft per cylinder design resulting in improved low-speed torque. Fuel economy is boosted by the engineering of the intake and exhaust valves; fuel economy and performance are excellent. The gasoline version is flex fuel rated, so it also burns E85. says of the Super Duty models, “It’s hard to make Ford’s Super Duty any bigger, bolder or beefier, but the automaker did just that with its revised 2011 model.”

The Super Duty exterior is based on the 1999 design, but designers have added huge headlamps, and an even bigger front grille. The old model’s fender vents have been replaced by a newer “constrained” vent above the beltline. The logo on the front grille is bigger too, and the diesel Super-Duties will sport massive Power Stroke emblems on the front doors.

Interior changes are modest, with a redesigned console running up to the instrument panel, nice LCD screen on the gauge panel and more storage room.

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