New Mobile App Makes it Easier to Stay on Top of Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance

New vehicle prices have soared in recent years. But, in terms of longevity, consumers are getting their money’s worth.  It’s not unusual for today’s vehicles to last past the 200,000 mile mark, provided they are given the proper care and routine maintenance.

Houston-based Gulfgate Dodge service director Allen Johnson says, “You still have to check the tire pressure. You have to have the tires rotated. You always want to check all your fluids. Check the levels in there. Make sure you don’t have any leaks.”

Now CarFax is offering a new smartphone app designed to help consumers prolong the lives of their vehicles by making it easier for them to stay on track with their routine maintenance schedules.

CarFax’s public relations manager Christopher Basso says, “We’re now offering the MyCARFAX app, which allows you to track your vehicle service history and it alerts you when your car needs maintenance.” He says the simple-to-use app take the guesswork out of routine maintenance by using the motorists’ smartphones to alert them when a scheduled maintenance service is due.

Setting up the app is as easy as entering your license plate number. The app then pulls your vehicle’s information, including estimated mileage, and alerts you when a routine maintenance service is due.

The free app operates on iPhones and Android smarthphone, and also notifies drivers of open recall notices for their specific vehicles, and helps them locate nearby service shops in the CarFax network.

Motorists can also manually add their own service records and track maintenance schedules for up to five vehicles.

In addition to the MyCARFAX app, Carfax also offers a mobile app for its CarFax Reports, which provides vehicle history reports for consumers, and CarFax for Dealers business-to-business app, which helps dealers when purchasing used vehicles at auction or from individual sellers.

The MyCARFAX app is available for download on the company’s website.

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