New Honda Accord Available this Month

Honda has remade its ever-popular sedan for this fall, with the new models being available in just  a few days. Overall reviews rate the new Accord as exciting and refined. This is the 9th generation of Honda’s popular vehicle; although it has technically lost some space in the interior, it has a bigger trunk and actually feels roomier. Handling is superb, gas mileage will please any consumer watching prices at the pump and the increase in price is small compared to these improvements. Overall, it is rated as a very fine new family sedan that may not “wow” auto enthusiasts (although there will be an optional V-6 version) but will please the majority of consumers looking for the newest model Accord. The plug-in hybrid model of the Accord will also be available for the environmentally conscious.

The Accord coupe will also be available beginning October 15. It promises to be a much more exciting vehicle than the standard sedan; however, the starting price for a 4-cylinder coup is just over $24k. If buyers choose the V-6, the price starts at almost $31k. Honda predicts that sales of these coupe models will equal approximately 15 percent of Accord sales.

The general opinion of the new Accord is that it’s not quite as sexy as the new Nissan Altima, but more so than the Toyota Camry. It may not be as fast-looking as the new Sonata from Honda, but is considered more “daring” than the VW Passat. The new Ford Fusion is a bit more “euro” looking, but not as “American” looking as the latest Chevy Malibu.

Traditionally the market for midsize vehicles is the largest chunk of overall sales for the industry. One in four vehicles sold is a midsized model, and the buyers for these cars are usually mainstream and somewhat conservative. The idea is to not go too over-the-top with design and features, but to produce a vehicle that performs well and has enough bells and whistles to appeal to the average buyer. The new Accord EX 4 cylinder proved to be just such a vehicle during test drives. The new model is not overly exciting, but is satisfying enough in performance and feel to attract most buyers in the market.

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