Honda Announces the All-New Life

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced that sales in Japan of the all-new Life
will begin on November 7, 2008. Continuing a tradition of superior
comfort and utility, the new Life offers enhanced drivability and is
the first minicar in Japan to include an audio system with a backup
camera as standard equipment.*1 In addition, a special mobility-assistive version of Life with lift-up frontpassenger seat will go on sale December 5.

Life G-type (FWD)

Life G-type (FWD)

Life Pastel (FWD)   Life Diva (FWD)

Life Pastel (FWD)


Life Diva (FWD)

The all-new Life was developed with the concept of “daily smile
technology” to achieve a level of drivability and utility customers can
enjoy in their everyday lives. Based on this concept, Honda evaluated
every aspect of the vehicle from the customer’s point of view to
develop a minicar that will put a smile on the customer’s face every

Customers may select from three Life variations to express their
individuality and lifestyle: the Life G-type is simple, modern and
practical, the Life Diva is perky and sporty, and the Life Pastel* is
refined, elegant and fashionable. With an emphasis on advanced safety
technologies, the Life is also the world’s first automobile equipped
with a driver-side i-SRS airbag system with continuously staged
inflation, which accommodates a broad range of occupant positions and
potential collision situations.

< Drivability >

Large windows and slim pillars allow for excellent 360º visibility.
The first minicar in Japan to include an audio system with a backup camera.*1
Advanced Honda Smart Parking Assist System provides automatic
steering assistance for moving forward and backward during parking.*2

< Comfort and utility >

Spacious cabin comfortably accommodates four adults.
Manual driver’s seat height adjuster helps to achieve an ideal
driving position, enhancing visibility while making entry and exit

< Interior with enhanced functionality and comfort >

Larger, thicker, softer and more comfortable rear seats.
Storage compartments throughout the vehicle for superior convenience.
Center pillar grip for easy entry and exit, even for children and seniors.

Since first introduced in 1971, the Life has evolved with the times,
always offering exceptional value while focusing on the people and
lifestyles of each era. Today, Life is currently being enjoyed by more
than 1.5 million customers in Japan, the largest number among Honda
automobiles sold in the country.*3

Note: “Pastel” was named after the pastels
used by artists, the Life Pastel is for drivers looking to express
their own colorful, interesting lifestyles.

*1 Not available on Life C-type
*2 Available on Life Pastel
*3 Honda calculations

♦ Key Features of the All-New Life

· Slim front pillars, large triangular windows with
integrated sashes and windshield wipers designed for reduced visual
obstruction all contribute to enhanced frontward visibility and an
increased sense of security during driving.

· Side window height has been optimized for greatly
enhanced side visibility, helping drivers navigate past ongoing
vehicles more safely and making turns with increased confidence.

· The protruded front position lamps integrated on top of
the headlights act as makers, aiding the driver in better grasping the
vehicle width.

· The large tailgate window and rear quarter windows
help enhance rearward visibility. Newly designed rear seat backs with
adjustable, built-in rear head rests also contribute to greatly
enhanced rearward visibility.

· The audio system with a backup camera (the first in Japan as standard equipment on a minicar*1)
enhances ease of parking. The easy-to-view 4.3-inch liquid crystal
color display also displays audio information, an analog clock,
important dates and more.

· Newly enhanced Smart Parking Assist System provides steering assistance during parking.*2

· With a front seat hip point 35 mm higher*4
than that of the previous Life, and windows, pillars and headlight
markers optimized to this new measurement, the new Life offers
exceptional visibility and ease of entry and exit.

· The newly designed suspension has allowed for a more
rearward positioning of the rear seats. As a result, the distance
between front and rear seats has increased by 85 mm*4, increasing rear occupant legroom and comfort.

· The lower floor in the rear combined with the square
exterior design also contributes to rear occupant comfort. Although the
rear seat cushion thickness has been increased by 25 mm*4, the rear head clearance increased by 60 mm*4.

· Easy-to-use fold-down rear seats allow large items to be transported.

*4 Honda comparison to previous Life
· The spacious divided bench front seat is shaped to
support a stable driving posture, contributing to both drivability and

· The unitary bench back seat features seat cushion length increased by 55 mm,*4 seat back height increased by 50 mm*4 and cushion thickness increased by 25 mm*4 (cushion thickness equivalent to that of the mid-sized sedan segment*5).

· The storage compartments have been designed for
exceptional ease of use: items commonly used fit in the higher
compartments while items typically kept from outside view fit in
compartments located below window level.

· The attractive and convenient center pillar grip,
molded with the center pillar as a single part, is placed at a height
easily reached by children*6. Complementing the low floor height, it contributes to ease of entry and exit.

*5 Honda 2.0 – 2.4l segment
*6 1,030 mm
Exterior design
· Implementing a design concept of simple, smart and
modern, the exterior design of the new Life is simple and welcoming.
The large window surface area and rear quarter windows contribute both
to the Life’s pleasing appearance and to visibility.

· Sharp lines and large, functional headlights with
integrated position lamps add to the Life’s refined and pleasing front
view. Each Life package also features a unique front bumper.

· The Life’s side view draws attention to the solid nose and body, emphasizing the sense of welcoming and security.

· The key to the Life’s distinctive rear view, the large rear window also contributes to excellent visibility.

· The Life comes in three highly individualistic packages:

The Life G-type is simple and welcoming while emphasizing daily functionality.
The Life Pastel emphasizes elegance, with its chrome-rich grille making a distinctly attractive impression.
The Life Diva is urbane and stylish in design, featuring a front
bumper with large aperture and inset fog lamps, sharply defined black
metal headlights, refined aerodynamic partsand an overall sporty

· 12 distinctive color selections are available, including four completely new colors.

Power train
· Two engine selections are available: the light and compact 660 cc inline 3-cylinder i-DSI engine and the i-DSI turbo engine.

· The engine offers excellent normal operating range
characteristics, while the four-speed automatic transmission features
optimized gear ratios and torque converter characteristics for smooth
acceleration. This combination of engine and transmission results in
light, convenient drivability ideal for the city as well as excellent
fuel economy of 21 km/l.*7

*7 Front-wheel drive Life C-type, Life
G-type, and Life Pastel. Fuel economy measurement in 10•15 mode
certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and
· The rigidity of the floor and the corners of the
hatchback opening have been increased, while the Life’s structure,
frame and materials have been optimized for reduced weight.

· In addition to the frame designed for reduced noise
and vibrations, high-performance sound-proofing materials and
sound-insulating walls contribute to exceptional vehicle quietness.

· To ensure stable cruising and a smooth ride, in the
front the newly designed suspension features MacPherson struts; in the
rear it features an H-shaped torsion beam suspension for front-wheel
drive vehicles, or a 3-link de Dion tube for 4-wheel drive vehicles.

· The power steering settings and suspension geometry have been optimized for light, nimble handling.

Safety performance
· The new Life is the world’s first automobile to offer
a driver-side i-SRS airbag system with continuously staged inflation,
which accommodates a broad range of occupant positions and potential
collision situations. All packages include this new safety technology
as standard equipment.

· Forming a set with the front seat i-side airbag
system, the side curtain airbag system helps reduce the risk of head
injury in a side impact. Availability depends on package.*2

· The vehicle’s Advanced Compatibility Engineering body
provides a higher level of self-protection and also improves
compatibility toward other vehicles in case of a collision.

· The Life’s frame has been designed to efficiently
absorb and disperse the energy of a collision and reduce impact on the

· The low-impact head-protecting interior is designed to reduce collision-related occupant injuries.

· The body with pedestrian-injury mitigation technology helps to mitigate injury to pedestrians from injury in case of collision.

Environmental performance
· Front-wheel drive models are certifiedby the Ministry
of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism as having emissions
levels 75% lower than what is required by 2005 standard in both 10•15
and JC08C measurement modes.

· ECO lamps on both sides of the dashboard help drivers refine driving habits for enhanced fuel economy.

· The 3-cylinder engine includes a crank pulse sensor to monitor the ignition system and fuel injection timing.

Special mobility-assistive vehicle with lift-up front passenger seat
· The lift-up frontpassenger seat has a motorized 200 mm
forward-backward sliding mechanism, as well as a newly added motorized
reclining mechanism. The lift-up seat’s switches are located on the
right side of the seat for easy access by the driver and quick, simple
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