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The push toward greener hybrids and all-electric vehicles is being discussed every day. We know that our cars must be made lighter, safer, and more efficient. Looking down the road, however, it’s clear that designers have even bigger dreams for the new cars of the future.

Five years from now, it’s possible that traffic jams will be quieter; however, they might also involve fewer accidents or be completely prevented by new braking technology. Many automakers are already looking into accident-prevention technology that involves collision sensors that activate the brakes before the driver is even aware of a possible crash.

Other safety features that may become standard features in future models are the automatic parallel parking systems and stability control that are already available in some models. It’s predicted that all vehicles will come with stability control as a standard feature by 2015. This feature, which saves lives by preventing out of control skids, could cause a considerable drop in auto fatalities and injuries.

Future new car technology geared toward the driver includes windshield displays of speed, distance from the car ahead and GPS information. Luxury cars might be equipped with the latest in convenience features, such as the ability of the vehicle to read road signs, and GPS systems that offer information on everything from where to find the best buy on gasoline to heavy traffic and road safety warnings.

Designers are also focused on future entertainment features. Of course, all automakers are moving toward integration of autos with personal communication devices, but the future holds much more than just iPhone and Bluetooth integration. Surround-sound stereo will be available, live television and even wireless Playstation gaming. As of next year, Jaguar is offering an in-dash dual screen on the XJ sedan. The screen can display GPS information to the driver while showing a DVD movie to the passenger.

One of the main selling points of new cars of the future will be the ability to personalize your new vehicle to suit you perfectly with many choices of interior color schemes and different shades of interior “mood lighting.” Another possibility is having a choice of instrument panel lighting color.

The sensor technology being developed is truly amazing; windshield wipers will activate automatically and headlights will sense when darkness falls. As a matter of fact, as the internet plays a larger and larger part in new car technology, the possibility of our cars “talking” to each other has become quite real.

Some of these great new features are right around the corner; others are years away, or are simply being explored. The fact remains though, that the future holds far more for us than just an increase in electric cars on the road. Around the world, designers are working to make the vehicles of the future not only greener, but more thrilling to drive, more intuitive and safer for everyone on the road.

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