Consumers Open to More Advanced Automotive Technologies

According to a new study by Cisco Systems, automakers are behind the curve when it comes to offering consumers the automotive technology they want.

One surprising revelation to come from the survey is the fact that consumers are far more comfortable with the idea of vehicles that drive themselves than is generally thought. About 60 percent of survey participants said they would consider purchasing a self-driving vehicle, however, only 48 percent said they were comfortable with the idea of their children being transported in one.

The study also found that consumers are highly skeptical of information they find on dealership and automaker Web sites.  Only about 25 percent of respondents said they trust factory and dealership Web sites to provide them with accurate information.

When it comes to shopping for new vehicles, about 50 percent of the survey participants said they have a higher degree of trust in information found on third-party sites, including and

The results of the survey will no doubt be of concern to dealers who often spend a disproportional amount of their marketing dollars online.

Nearly 50 percent of participants in the survey said they would prefer shopping for, and even purchasing their next new vehicle through a third-party online site, or even a mall kiosk, than at a dealership. Although such kiosks are available in some areas, many states prohibit them because they violate franchise laws.

Approximately 75 percent of survey respondents said they are would not be opposed to automotive technologies that share information about their individual driving habits if it would help lower their maintenance costs and insurance premiums. About 66 percent said personal information including their height, weight and entertainment preferences, and 60 percent said they would go so far as to provide fingerprints and even DNA samples if doing so would result in improved vehicle safety and security.

The Cisco Customer Experience Report surveyed more than 1,500 consumers in 10 countries and focused on vehicle buying and driving preferences.

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