Bond’s Best Cars: Aston Martin DB5

Cars are as essential to the James Bond mythos as are tuxedos, beautiful women, exotic locations and shaken (not stirred) vodka martinis. From Aston Martins to BMWs to Mustangs, Bond knows how to get somewhere in style. But it’s not just the aesthetic that counts when it comes to cars for 007, what’s on the inside counts as well. Over the course of the next few articles we’ll be ranking some of the best cars of the Bond movies, but judging them solely on how well equipped they came courtesy of Q.

So without further ado, here it is. The best, most well-equipped car James Bond has ever driven.

Aston Martin DB5

It really couldn’t be anything else, could it? There’s really no other choice. Even when looking at these cars from a slightly different perspective than “Which one is coolest?!” there’s no choice but Bond’s stylish, iconic Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger. It’s not difficult to see why this beautiful vehicle became an instant classic, nor why it would essentially become Bond’s signature ride as it would (unlike every other featured car) make multiple appearances in future films. The styling alone just screams “this is the ride of a man who is more suave than you could ever hope to be.”

But this is about gadgets. And boy does this baby come outfitted. Now, granted, this isn’t necessarily as lethal as some of Bond’s other cars. It lacks some of the more explosive elements of others on this list. But what it lacks in, say rockets or missiles, it makes up for in sheer volume and versatility of armaments.

Hidden behind the turning indicators on either side of the car’s front end you have .30 caliber Browning machine guns. The rear wheels conceal retractable, spinning blades capable of shredding the tires of pursuers. Need to give bad guys the slip? Just activate the oil slick dispenser tucked behind the right rear light cluster, or obfuscate their vision with the smoke screen. You’ll still be able to track them using the radar screen concealed behind the dashboard. And since villainous henchmen never go anywhere without their guns, the DB5 comes handily equipped with a bullet-proof windscreen and a retractable bullet-proof rear screen. Oh, and don’t forget the ejector seat.

The chase scene during which the car gets most of its use holds up decently well, even if it’s fairly simple in composition and choreography. The majority of it is just Bond driving in a straight line through a darkened forest evading henchmen. At the very least he makes good use of each and every gadget that Q stuffed into the vehicle.

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