15 Feb 2014 | D. Williams

If you’ve been kicking yourself for missing out on the year-end sales events, here’s some good news.

Automakers have entered into a take-no-prisoners price war as foul weather and overproduction have stifled sales over the past six weeks.

Although most industry analysts agree the increase in incentives will be short-lived, ALG

15 Feb 2014 | D. Williams

New technology to help drivers control their vehicles was everywhere at the Detroit Auto Show recently. Systems like adaptive speed control and park assist that are geared toward keeping drivers from making simple errors and helping them avoid accidents are becoming widely available, and not just in the most luxurious models. Even two years ago

14 Feb 2014 | D. Williams

There’s been plenty of talk about the vast array of environmentally friendly, fuel-saving green cars being produced by almost every manufacturer. Consumers can now choose from an amazing number of hybrids and electrics as well as newer, greener gas-powered vehicles. Many more new car buyers are looking in that direction rather than at the choi

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